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Our Story

Infinity Laboratories was founded in 1991 on the bedrock principles of excellence, integrity, and quality. Throughout the 1990’s Infinity Laboratories experienced consistent growth with a strong focus on microbiological testing within the local medical device community.

Beginning in the summer 2014, Infinity Laboratories expanded its microbiological services and added a full complementary suite of chemistry testing capabilities. This was a strategic move to support its rapidly growing customer base in the Life Technology sector, both medical device and pharmaceutical companies.

In 2016, Infinity Laboratories moved into a state-of-the-art, 25,000 square-foot facility in Castle Rock, CO. Infinity Laboratories continues to invest in systems, capital equipment, and its most important asset – its people. This transition assisted with the company’s rapid expansion, which now includes locations throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Since 2018, over $5 million of capital has been invested into new laboratory technologies, software, and systems. These investments, along with several significant strategic acquisitions, have enabled Infinity Laboratories to bring world class services to its customers. Our focus on continued growth in both capability and geographic reach supports the goal of going Beyond Testing to meet the needs of our customers now and in the future.

Since 2019, Infinity Laboratories has expanded rapidly through acquisitions, these include:

  1. Ultimate Laboratories (San Diego, April 2019) Read more
  2. Quadrants Scientific (San Diego, January 2020) Read more
  3. MicroMed Laboratories(Petaluma, CA, June 2020) Read more
  4. DYNALABS (St Louis, MO, July 2020) Read more
  5. Baseline Service (Bound Brook, NJ, October 2020) Read more
  6. SVC (San Jose, CA, December 2020) Read more
  7. Test-O-Pac Industries (San Jose, CA, December 2020) Read more
  8. MicroWorks (Crown Point, CA, December 2020) Read more
  9. Advanced Analytical Testing Laboratory (North Brunswick, NJ, June 2021) Read more

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