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Infinity Laboratories offers contract EO sterilization and validation services for medical device and pharmaceutical companies using 3M pure EO sterilizers.

  1. Infinity Laboratories offers contract sterilization services with a 1-2 business day turnaround time. We utilize 3M Rapid Readout BIs and have (7) 3M chambers available
  2. EO Cycle Development & Validation
    • Per ISO 11135 and CFR 820 Quality System requirements we can validate your product in our 3M EO sterilizers in preparation for routine sterilization at our facility
  3. Comparative Resistance Studies
    • Infinity Laboratories can use your Master Challenge Pack / Internal PCD or External PCD and compare that with our patented PCDs to establish a better, more consistent process challenge device
  4. Sterilizer & Microbiology Validation
    • Infinity offers the following sterilization and microbiology validations:
      • Sterilization process development
      • PQ Protocol and Final Report preparation
      • Sterilization process validation
      • Full Validation Qualification
      • Batch Release Qualification
      • Pre-Conditioning Qualification
      • Aeration Qualification
      • PCD Qualification
      • Product validation support
      • Validation requirements for changes made to existing “Sterile” products
  5. Product Package Exposure
    • “Infinity can expose your products to EO in our 3M sterilizers for validation, verification and R&D testing (biocompatibility, packaging, functionality)

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