Package testing or packaging testing involves the measurement of a characteristic involved with packaging. This includes packaging materials, packaging components, primary packages, shipping containers, and unit loads, as well as the associated processes. Testing measures the effects and interactions of the levels of packaging, the package contents, external forces, and end-use. Either it ASTM D 4169, ISO 11607 and ISTA test protocols for both palatalized and loose package freight environments, Infinity Laboratories is fully capable to accommodate your package testing needs!


Temperature And Humidity Control In Packaging

Pharmaceuticals are among the most important products when it comes to temperature and humidity control in shipping and storage containers, but there are many other products where temperature and humidity testing are essential, including advanced electronics and microengineering products. The largest consumer of these containers is composed of various parts of the life sciences and medical industries, including blood banks, medical diagnostics and pharmaceuticals, but there are other materials that need to be maintained and shipped within a certain specific temperature and humidity range. This category also contains foodstuffs. Though the critical nature of such items does not meet the legal or ethical requirements of that within the life sciences field, having your product arrive fresh and protected is critical to customer satisfaction no matter what type of equipment or goods you are shipping.

Temperature-Humidity Testing Protocols

These tests are designed to determine the ability of packaging materials, especially containers composed of cellulosic materials to ensure that they can withstand the temperature and relative humidity (RH) fluctuations that occur during the shipping and storage phases of your logistics chain. The purpose of the testing is to mimic as closely as possible real-world conditions which may cause your product to be rejected at the delivery facility, or degraded to the point where the product is unusable. This testing is critical when it comes to packaging design and selection. Infinity Laboratories is certified as an ISTA laboratory and is ISO 9001:2006 Registered.

Customer Concerns In Product Testing

If you are changing or developing new packaging, or even testing your current packaging Infinity Laboratories can give you the assurance that your packaging meets critical parameters in controlling the environment within the package, thus preserving whatever you are shipping. Whether it is Pharmaceuticals or food products, customer satisfaction is key to increasing and retaining business. No matter what you are shipping, it takes only one rejected or ruined shipment for most companies to look for another supply line, and the more critical the components or items are the more likely it is that a ruined shipment means a ruined business contact. Infinity Laboratories helps to ensure that your packaging is able to handle extremes in temperature and humidity fluctuations that happen when storage and shipping facilities encounter breakdowns in transportation and the climate-controlled environments necessary to ensure your product viability.

Environmental Test Lab Services

Infinity Laboratories takes your material handling capabilities seriously, and we provide a full range of testing protocols including temperature and RH (Relative Humidity) tests, carried out under real-world conditions. These tests will ensure that your packaging can handle the variables that actually occur in your logistics and supply chain, and enable you to pick the right packaging material and formulations without risking a single shipment to humidity and temperature fluctuations.


This test method is intended for use in evaluating the capability of a container to withstand the sudden shock resulting from a free fall, or to evaluate the capability of a container.

For manufacturers and vendors who ship products, drop testing is a crucial element for the packaging that they select. Without having reliable data concerning a package’s ability to maintain its integrity and strength, vendors and manufacturers are at risk of delivering damaged goods or equipment to their customers. A drop impact test is the only reliable and accurate method for assessing whether or not the selected packaging is appropriate for use.

The good news is Infinity Laboratories can provide the necessary ISTA drop test procedures needed to rate any type of packaging.
The package testing services that are offered by Infinity Laboratories simulate the common types of events that are most often associated with the distribution environment, including manual handling. These services can accurately validate packages for distribution as well as certify them as being compliant with current, published ISO Standards, ASTM Standards and other compliance requirements for a variety of industries. Infinity Laboratories understands that it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to accurately evaluate each package’s capability to protect the equipment or product inside the package throughout the handling, distribution, and storage process.
At Infinity Laboratories, we conduct repeatable drop impact tests on using flat, corner, and edge drops. Each of these drop tests is conducted without rotation to the package which allows it to land in the same manner in which it was released. By using advanced equipment, we are able to accurately measure the various acceleration levels that the package experiences. Our technology thus allows our engineers to determine whether or not product cushioning will be required. This information can then be used to determine what type of cushioning will best protect the package and its contents should mishaps occur during the distribution chain.

Because of the skill and care we take with our drop test procedures, we are able to provide our customers with reliable evaluations, conducted in within a laboratory environment, that can be invaluable in our customer’s assessments of what type of packaging and cushioning they need. Infinity Laboratories uses accredited procedures such as the ISTA drop test procedure.

If your company is in need of reliable, accurate, and accredited drop testing for packages, consider consulting with Infinity Laboratories. We offer our customers incredible value as well as honest evaluations. At Infinity Laboratories we can evaluate virtually any type of packaging in our certified testing laboratories. This allows us to deliver the best consultations. We can even assist our customers in determining which drop test procedure is best suited to their individual needs.

Simply use our online form or give Infinity Laboratories a call today to speak with one of our highly skilled and knowledgeable representatives. Contacting Infinity Laboratories for your drop testing needs is the first step in protecting the valuable contents of your packages and helping to reduce disappointment and frustration in your customers. Why take a chance on damaged goods? Contact Infinity Laboratories today and let us assist you in your impact drop testing needs.


Why Compression Testing Matters

Compression testing is vital for measuring the compressive strength of packages and containers. As an industry, you want to supply your consumers with the best end-product. Whether the containers are manufactured for customer use or for delivering products and other goods, the package must be durable and be able to hold up and protect its contents from compression. To ensure that your containers are in accordance with regulation and meet the highest quality standards, compression testing is necessary in determining how individual freights are able to hold up when pressure is exerted at different points of the container. Knowing the tolerance level your containers can withstand before they yield or break is integral for ensuring the safety of their contents.

Our Compression Testing Method Outperforms the Competitors

Our compression load test utilizes the most stringent standards to ensure accurate results. All variables are taken into consideration so that the data is reliable. We use the ASTM D642 with both a fixed-head and swivel platen compressor to perform corner-to-corner and edge-to-edge orientations on all specimens under testing. This determines whether the specimen will fail at both its strongest and weakest points. The procedure measures the container’s ability to resist external compressive loads applied directly to its face, in the corners or diagonally in the opposite edges. Testing can be applied to containers with or without contents. Knowing the yield stress limit of containers help determine how containers can be stacked or positioned and secured when preparing them for transportation.

Make Sure Your Containers Meet the Highest Standards

The container must be sturdy enough to shield its contents from damage. Consumers are entrusting the safe delivery of their goods to your industry. It is our hope that you, in turn, entrust us for performing and evaluating the compressive resistance of your containers whether they be simple corrugated fiberboard boxes, wooden crates or steel drums. Our ASTM static compression load test evaluates the containers ability to resist compressive force from different angles and with multiple variations taken into consideration. We send you a full report with our findings and all the numbers and figures included. Even the sturdiest containers have a breaking point and knowing what that limit is helps you make cost-effective solutions when transporting goods without risking damage.

Give us a Call and Get Started Today

Please contact us today; we adopt a business model that meets the most rigorous professional standards. We are confident that are service is among the top in its industry. We only use state-of-the-art compression testers and will have a full report sent to you within days of a test evaluation with pinpoint and accurate results. Our report has all the relevant details, numbers and figures organized in an easy-to-read format, and you will know the specific threshold of your containers. We will also provide an in-depth assessment of what and where the upgrades need to be made if any are recommended. Get started with us today and learn where your containers stand in the strength and durability compartment.


Loose Load Vibration Methods

When it comes to loose load vibration and fixed displacement vibration testing, there are three areas of focus that Infinity Laboratories uses to assess a package’s ability to protect products. These include:

1) Transit Environment
Different transportation solutions expose packages to different vibration stressors. These stresses are simulated in the laboratory and the results of our tests provide critical information to package manufacturers in order to assist them in creating superior packing solutions.

2) Operational environment
After transit, products and packaging are subjected to additional vibrations as they are moved around the storage facility using equipment. Once again, Infinity Laboratories’ tests ferret out weaknesses in package design and the results are provided to manufacturers in order to create better packaging.
3) Warehousing environment
Last but not least, products and packaging experience vibration during storage occurs while they are stored on shelves and flooring due to vibrations given off by climate control systems, equipment and passing vehicles.


In particular, exposure to loose load vibration can have a significant impact on the shipping container, its interior packaging components, and its contents. Infinity Laboratories’ tests allow researchers the ability to analyze the interaction of each of these components in order to determine the best way to minimize damage. Design modifications are based on the results of the test to achieve optimum performance in all aspects of the shipping and storage environments. Whenever possible, laboratory results are compared to real world data in order to understand the common failures of packaging in the real world.
If your business is in need of a better way to ship products or need to test new package designs for effectiveness, request for quote today!

Our Methodology

Infinity Laboratories’ testing methodology covers a variety of packaging materials as well as vibration stressors. Tests such as the bounce test and ASTM D642 are designed to test the package’s durability and ability to protect its internal contents under specific conditions. Each test is designed to fully test the viability and performance of each container and its ability to protect its contents when subjected to vibrations. Infinity Laboratories’ testing methodology meets the requirements of International Organization for Standardization standards ISO 8318 and ISO 2247.


Get Optimal Quality Assurance for Your Products

With random vibration testing and other random vibration methods, businesses can attain high levels of quality assurance for their specific product needs. For example, those in the medical industry can have specific tests to ensure a sterile barrier system to protect the package product from the second it leaves the facility, through the distribution process and until it reaches the end user. Those in the manufacturing industry of electronic components can have environmental testing done, such as thermal shock testing and salt fog testing, to ensure that metals and protective coverings are free from corrosion and resistant to extreme changes in temperature.

Random Vibration Methods

During transit, any given package can experience a wide variety of shakes and bumps – everything from sudden drops in altitude to sharp turns on the road can slam a package around, which is why random vibration testing will subject each package to shocks and movement from different angles.
Random vibration testing is also significantly more realistic than some other types of testing; when tests done from the same angle are performed over and over, stress and pressure can build up in a way that would never happen in a real-life transportation situation. Tests also take into account actual data from shipping to further increase the realism of the tests and provide the most useful results. If a redesign of the packaging is needed, random vibration tests can help indicate exactly where improvements need to be made.

Maintaining Product Integrity

As a business, you want to ensure that your products reach your customers in A+ condition. Are you implementing random vibration testing that guarantees a high level of quality to the end user? If not, you’re losing integrity and customer satisfaction for your brand name. With specific vibration methods completed in a random vibration testing lab, you can discover and fix weak points for the product during the wear and tear of the distribution process. Quality assurance departments, company engineers and corporate executives need to have random vibration testing done for success.

Learn More about Infinity Laboratories Environmental Testing and Packaging Services

Get a quote for your random vibration testing and packaging needs. Infinity Laboratories is providing testing and packaging services to the electronic, medical device, component manufactures, packaging and aerospace industries. We offer a wide spectrum of testing services in a vibration testing lab to ensure the product is in top-notch condition when it reaches the market.


This test method covers the procedures for reproducing shock damage, such as that which may result from rail switching or pallet marshaling impacts, using an incline impact tester.

Incline Impact test method is for use in evaluating the capability of a container or shipping system to withstand sudden shocks and crushing forces, such as those generated from rail switching impacts or pallet marshaling, or to evaluate the capability of a container and its inner packing, or shipping system, to protect its contents during the sudden shocks and crushing forces resulting from rail switching or pallet marshaling impacts.

This test method may also be used to compare the performance of different container designs or shipping systems. The incline impact test may also permit observation of the progressive failure of a container or shipping system and damage to the contents. It is suitable for simulating the types of shock pulses experienced by lading in rail switching of rail cars with standard draft gear, but not for those with long travel draft gear or cushioned underframe.

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