Cleanroom Certifications

Certification is the process of verifying compliance to meet the established acceptance criteria. MicroMed is an ISO 9001 Certified company conducting Cleanroom Certification and testing. We understand your need for quality and efficient testing and offer comprehensive reporting with compliance stickers and final reports.

All cleanroom testing is performed in accordance and compliant with Current Good Manufacturing Practices [cGMP], Institute of Environmental Sciences Technologies [IEST], and International Organization for Standardization [ISO].

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Testing Services

Code Test Description
CER-001 Leak Testing per filter (TAF)
CER-002 Volume Profile per filter (TAF)
CER-003 Controlled Area Environmental Monitoring (Room Differential Pressure, Particle Counts) ≤20 Particle Counts
CER-003.1 each additional 10 Particle Counts +$50.00
CER-004 Travel Fee
CER-004.1 Local Travel Fee
CER-005 In-House Sampling Hourly Fee (1 hour minimum) (2 techs)
CER-005.1 <24 Hours Cancellation $150 Charge

*ON-SITE Services are only available in Northern California