DNase/RNase Testing

DNase/RNase Testing
DNase and RNase are ubiquitous in the environment, and in some biological materials. They are present in relatively high concentrations. RNase frequently contaminates common molecular biological reagents such as reaction buffers, enzymes such as reverse transcriptase, RNA polymerase, and buffers for RNA purification and storage. DNase degrades DNA and its presence is a threat to many molecular biology experiments. MicroMed can test for DNase and RNase contaminants. Confirm that plastics, enzymes, solutions and other biomaterials are “DNase/RNase-free” prior to DNase/RNase-sensitive applications such as PCR.

Applied Biosystems DNase & RNase Alert Systems

  • Can detect RNases and DNases that may cause interference with RNase/DNase-sensitive applications such as PCR.
  • Able to detect as little as 3.5 X 10-7 units (~0.5 pg) of RNase A and 0.0005 U (~10pg) of DNase I.
  • For each test, a substrate is reconstituted with a buffer and distributed into a 96-well plate.
  • The test samples, negative control and positive controls are added and the plate is incubated.
  • The results are then read on a fluorometer.
  • Samples that noticeably fluoresce compared to the negative control are considered contaminated.

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Turn Around Time (TAT)

Code Test Description TAT
DR-001 DNase/RNase Testing (Batch testing based on sample quantities received) *30 – 35 days
DR-001.1 Stat Fee (+) 50% *1 – 2 days
DRD-001 DNase/RNase Testing ≥4 samples tested 10% DISCOUNT

**All stat testing must be started same day unless received after 2pm
**Reports for Stat DNase/RNase testing will be sent on the same day as well

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of the test we use for DNase and RNase testing, it is only cost effective to run the test in batches of 4 or more. The test is run once a month, in batches of 4 or more, or STAT, whichever comes first. We list the turn-around-time as a worst case scenario of the amount of time that may pass prior to running the test. We offer a discount for submitting 4 or more samples because that allows us to start testing right away. We also offer expedited testing for a 50% (total cost) STAT fee with a turnaround time of 1- 2 days. When the sample confirmation report is generated it lists “projected start” and “projected completion” dates and sometimes those dates are revised based on sample volumes.