Microbial Identification

MicroMed can characterize and identify bacterial or fungal contaminants associated with Environmental Monitoring, Sterility, and Bioburden Testing. Using an array of biochemical assays to identify unique characteristics, bacteria or fungus can be identified to genus and species. [dvin-wcql-shopbutton product_id=”431″]

Turn Around Time (TAT)

Code Test Description TAT
ID-001 Sample culture (fee applied to Bacterial Identification) 12 – 14 days
ID-002 Bacterial Identification, per isolate (includes sample culture fee) 12 – 14 days
ID-002A Bacterial Identification – Selective Media plating fee 12 – 14 days
ID-003 Fungi, to genus (mold and yeast) 12 – 14 days
ID-004 Gram Stain, per isolate 2 – 4 days
ID-005 Isolate preparation and culturing (mixed culture) – Subculture fee, per isolate
Quantity is determined by client, a phone call will be made prior to any ID’s performed unless already specified in clients file or sample submission form.